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View from Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi.
Panning from The Hula Valley towards the
Hermon and the Golan heights. Dec.2004
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resolution to make it web size.
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Kfar Hanassi means "The Village of the President" named after Chaim Weitzman  the first President of Israel.
We live not far from the Sea of Galilee, on a rise above the River Jordan, near the Hula valley renowned for the natural beauty of its hills, woodlands and rushing waters.

Near our home  there are  Biblical tels,ancient Jewish synagogues, New Testament sites,small pastoral villages, modern and picturesque towns, and other veteran kibbutzim.

Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi, founded in 1948,  is situated at the southern end of the Hula Valley. On a clear day one can see as far as the Mount Hermon and the Lebanese hills in the north.
The Golan Heights lie to the east. 
The Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) 35 km. to the south and 6 km to the west  the village of Rosh Pina. In the hills  above, 25 km. away, is the old town of Safed, home of Kabalistic mysticism.
The town of Kriyat Shmona is 35 km. to the north
and the Lebanese border 50 km.

Our nearest neighbors are Tuba - Zangaria 6,000 a fast growing and modern Beduin village tribe of El Haib
and close by are the Kibbutzim, Machanyim ,Gadot and Amiad.

A small airport is 5 minutes drive from Kfar Hanassi.In 25 minutes we can be in Tel Aviv .

An hours drive away to Acre there are now trains to Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport.

Map of area





Park Seiff overlooking the Golan Heights


 Below the kibbutz, the river Jordan flows through a narrow gorge to the Sea of Galilee.



































Kibbutz- (plural Kibbutzim)
Hebrew for communal group, is a unique Israeli phenomenon.
There are still some kibbutzim in a healthy business state that are still on the original sistem.

 More about how kibbutz society workedclick here.

Although still an open,dynamic, communal society, a commune where  all the property is owned equally by all the members. who,s basic principle was " from each according to his ability and to each according to his need", and was the slogan which was coined at the beginning of this new society.
This interpretation is continually being challenged to this day,
and actually now in 2004 does no longer exist.

Kfar Hanasi is in the midst of changes that will end its life as a true commune. (Actually it has ended its life 2003 as this was first written in 2000 and we are stil,l 2004, changing many basic conditions,including discussions on house ownership.)

On June 2002, after two years of discussion we voted in a duel budget system, in which only those over 55 years( the Older Members) may stay on the existing system for the first year i.e 20% to the member- 80% to the kibbutz)or choose the new tax system( Reshet Bitachon) Members will receive a basic amount or pension and the rest according to a progressive tax on their earnings.For many of the pensioners this will be their government pension and the rest made up to a sum aquivalent to the lowest basic wage.

A separation of community expenses from the commercial enterprises and radical cutbacks in service spending,all members are paying for most amenities includingAll medicines ,health, travel and education,and all personal expenses,incuding rates,telephone ,TV ,taxes , travel ,etc..

Our Childrens houses also take in children from around the area from Babies to Kindergarden age with experienced child minders and teachers.

The children bus to school to Ayelet Hashachar and High School Kfar Blum 15 mins.away

This predominantly  English speaking population gives  Kfar Hanassi a special flavor.
Walking around the place one hears a mixture of Hebrew  and English which  sometimes sounds odd.

Dining room- Lunches only these days

Apart from the 260 members,parents of members,
60 children up to the age 18 years,students,
200 residents,and " First home in Israel"
Russian immigrants.

.   A temporary population of young single adults and children of members who are in the army

Meetings in the Moadon club room

People have built on to their houses and there are a quite a few "Villas"with beautiful gardens in this miniture Garden City.

  • Swimming pool in summer
  • A pub disco,meeting place run by the young set
  • Village Inn Country lodgings for tourists ,
  • a 500 seater theater,
  • Tennis court,
  • Small Park
  • Basketball court ,Tennis court
  • Celebrations of all the Festivals together,
  • A Minimarket
  • Laundry
  • A great place for a family to bring up their kids,
    and for older people to retire.
  • Many new residents have come to live here.
  • We also have a Nursing Home
  • A new housing complex of 140 homes now available.

We are also into high tech with optic fibre Internet( which is very fast!) for email and the web ,our own server administrators David Ellman,
and Paul Gluck for Website Design and hosting .Ruth Ney.
Cable T.V with 16 stations world wide CNN, Sport, BBC PRIME, FRENCH, etc...including a close curcuit relay for communal meetings or emergencies































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